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Say No to Money From Police

Breonna Taylor and George Floyd’s deaths have sparked righteous outrage across the United States and the world, with millions taking the streets to protest the unjust treatment of Black people at the hands of the police. While the majority of the country, including non-governmental leaders and politicians of all party affiliations, have denounced these killings, there’s one outlier: police unions.

Workers have a fundamental right to organize and use their collective power to ensure fair treatment and compensation. Police unions are different in that they perpetuate harm by protecting violent police officers and creating barriers to officer accountability and policy change.

Elected officials have a responsibility to hold police accountable for the ongoing violence and abuses of power against Black people. In doing so, they must act independently from police unions and others determined to stand in the way of common sense solutions that keep communities safe.

We call on all elected officials to reject political donations from the Fraternal Order of Police.

Sign the Pledge

We the undersigned, pledge to reject political donations from the Fraternal Order of Police.

Who’s Signed


  • Julie Gunnigle, County Attorney Candidate, Maricopa County, Arizona
  • Will Knight, County Attorney Candidate, Maricopa, Arizona


  • John Abraham, California State Senate, District 25, California
  • Jenny Wong, City Auditor, Berkeley, California
  • Angela Andrews, City Council Candidate, Hayward, California
  • Will Arnold, City Councilmember, Davis, California
  • David Ryu, City Councilmember, Los Angeles, California
  • Nithya Raman, City Councilmember Candidate, District 4, California
  • Jeff Allen, Councilmember, City of Grand Terrace, California
  • Holly Mitchell, County Supervisor Candidate, District 2, California
  • Chesa Boudin, District Attorney, San Francisco, California
  • Tori Verber Salazar, District Attorney, San Joaquin County, California
  • Tori Verber Salazar, District Attorney, San Joaquin County, California
  • George Gascon, District Attorney Candidate, Los Angeles, California
  • Matthew Corrales, District Board Candidate, Vallecitos Water District, California
  • Jesse Arreguin, Mayor, Berkeley, California
  • Sam Liccardo, Mayor, San Jose, California
  • Bradley J. McGirr, Mayor, Rancho Santa Margarita , California
  • Ruben Major, Mayoral Candidate, Oceanside, California
  • Zima Creason, School Board Member , San Juan Unified School District , California
  • Mai Vang, School Board Member , Sacramento City Unified, California
  • Veronica Jacobi, State Assembly Candidate, District 10, California
  • David Campbell, State Representative Candidate , District 2, California
  • Ro Khanna, U.S. House Representative, CA-17, California
  • Barbara Lee, U.S. House Representative, CA-13, California
  • Mark Takano, U.S. House Representative, CA-41, California


  • Mike Gelin, City Commissioner, District 2, Florida
  • Jen Perelman, Congressional Candidate, FL-23, Florida
  • Jerry Demings, Mayor, Orange County, Florida
  • Joe Kimok, State Attorney, Broward County, Florida
  • Harold Fernandez Pryor, State Attorney Candidate, Broward County, Florida


  • Mariah Parker, County Commissioner, Athens, Georgia
  • Natalie Bucsko, State Representative Candidate, District 24, Georgia
  • Hank Johnson, U.S. House Representative, GA-04, Georgia


  • Kim Foxx, State’s Attorney, Cook County, Illinois


  • Daqavise Winston, Public School Board Candidate, District 2, Indiana


  • Cooper Overstreet, District Attorney Candidate, Douglas County, Kansas


  • Attica Scott , State Representative, KY-41, Kentucky


  • Chellie Pingree, U.S. House Representative, ME-01, Maine


  • Ryan Dorsey, City Councilmember, Baltimore, Maryland
  • David Myles, City Councilmember, Rockville, Maryland
  • Hans Riemer, County Councilmember, Montgomery County, Maryland
  • Johny Olszewski, County Executive, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Sheila Ruth, Delegate, District 44B, Maryland
  • Gabriel Acevero, State Delegate, District 39, Maryland
  • Debra Davis, State Delegate, District 28, Maryland
  • Jazz Lewis, State Delegate, 24th District, Maryland
  • Julie Palakovich Carr, State Delegate, District 17, Maryland
  • Vaughn Stewart, State Delegate, District 19, Maryland
  • Lesley Lopez, State Delegate , District 39, Maryland
  • David Moon, State Delegate , District 20, Maryland
  • Ruben Amaya, State Delegate Candidate, District 10, Maryland
  • Sarahia Benn, State Delegate Candidate, District 34A, Maryland
  • Carlos Childs, State Delegate Candidate, District 28, Maryland
  • Carlos Childs, State Delegate Candidate, District 28, Maryland
  • Richard Elliott, State Delegate Candidate, District 24, Maryland
  • De'Narde English, State Delegate Candidate, 14th District, Maryland
  • De'Narde English, State Delegate Candidate, District 31B, Maryland
  • Rashad Lloyd, State Senate Candidate, District 22, Maryland
  • Jill P Carter, State Senator, District 41, Maryland
  • McKayla Wilkes, U.S. House of Representatives Candidate, District 5 , Maryland


  • Jack Patrick Lewis, State Representative, MA-7th Middlesex, Massachusetts
  • Isaac “Zac” Bears, City Councilmember, Medford, Massachusetts
  • Karen Foster, City Councilmember, Northampton, Massachusetts
  • Ayanna Pressley, U.S. House Representatives, MA-07, Massachusetts
  • Ed Markey, U.S. Senator, , Massachusetts


  • Victoria Burton-Harris, District Attorney Candidate, Detroit, Michigan
  • Rashida Tlaib, U.S. House Representative, MI-13 , Michigan


  • Phillipe Cunningham, City Councilmember, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Steve Fletcher, City Councilmember, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Cedrick Frazier, State House Candidate, District 45A, Minnesota
  • Ray Dehn, State Representative, MN-59B, Minnesota
  • Jamie Long, State Representative, MN-61B, Minnesota
  • Sydney Jordan, State Representative , District 60a, Minnesota
  • Erin Murphy , State Senate Candidate, MN-64, Minnesota
  • John Marty, State Senator, District 66, Minnesota
  • Patricia Torres Ray, State Senator, District 63, Minnesota
  • Ilhan Omar, U.S. House Representative, MN-05, Minnesota


  • Megan Green , Alderwoman, Saint Louis, Missouri
  • Lacy Clay, U.S. House Representative, MO-1, Missouri


  • Danny Tenenbaum, State House Candidate, District 95, Montana


  • Terrell McKinney, State Legislature Candidate, District 11, Nebraska
  • Megan Hunt, State Senator, District 8, Nebraska


  • Steven Horsford , U.S. House Representative, NV-04, Nevada

New Hampshire

  • Crystal Paradis, City Councilor At-Large, Somersworth, New Hampshire
  • Sherry Frost, State Representative, Ward 4, New Hampshire
  • Kris Schultz, State Representative, Ward 9, New Hampshire
  • Nikki Fordey, State Representative Candidate, Hillsborough 20, New Hampshire
  • Eric Gallager, State Representative Candidate, District 15, New Hampshire
  • Laura Lynch, State Representative Candidate, HD25, New Hampshire
  • Natalie Taylor, State Representative Candidate, Belknap 2, New Hampshire
  • Ann McKane Kuster, U.S. House Representative, NH-02, New Hampshire

New Jersey

  • Asiyah Kurtz, City Councilmember, Haddon Heights, New Jersey
  • Arati Kreibich, Congressional Candidate, NJ-05, New Jersey
  • Bob Conley, Mayor, Madison, New Jersey

New York

  • Carolyn Tran, City Council Candidate, 25, New York
  • Dorothy Goosby, City Councilmember, District 1, New York
  • Brad Lander, City Councilmember, New York, New York
  • Farah Louis, City Councilmember, District 45, New York
  • Moumita Ahmed, City Councilmember Candidate, District 24, New York
  • Marti Gould Allen-Cummings, City Councilmember Candidate, District 7, New York
  • Rita Joseph, City Councilmember Candidate, District 40, New York
  • Arthur Schwartz, City Councilmember Candidate, District 3, New York
  • Chris Sosa, City Councilmember Candidate, District 5, New York
  • Shaniyat Chowdhury, Congressional Candidate, NY-5, New York
  • Mondaire Jones, Congressional Candidate, NY-17, New York
  • Tahanie Aboushi, District Attorney Candidate, New York, New York
  • Janos Marton, District Attorney Candidate, New York, New York
  • Eliza Orlins, District Attorney Candidate, New York, New York
  • Mahtab Khan, District Leader Candidate, District 24, New York
  • Moumita Ahmed, District Leader Candidate , District 24, New York
  • Ravisharon kaur Khunkhun, Judicial Delegate Candidate, District 24, New York
  • Ali Najmi, Judicial Delegate Candidate, District 24, New York
  • Mahfuzul Islam, State Assembly Candidate, District 24, New York
  • Rajiv Gowda, State Senate Candidate, District 23, New York
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, U.S. House Representative, NY-14, New York

North Carolina

  • Satana Deberry, District Attorney, Durham County, North Carolina


  • Fanon Rucker, County Prosecutor Candidate, Hamilton County, Ohio


  • Brandi Studley, City Councilmember Candidate, Norman Ward 1, Oklahoma


  • Susheela Jayapal, Commissioner, Multnomah County, Oregon
  • Chloe Eudaly, City Commissioner , Portland, Oregon
  • Ted Wheeler, Mayor, Portland, Oregon


  • Thomas Wolf, Governor , , Pennsylvania
  • Kyle Hudson, Mayoral Candidate, West Chester, Pennsylvania

Rhode Island

  • Gayle Goldin, State Senator, RI-03, Rhode Island


  • Steve Cohen, U.S. House Representative, TN-09, Tennessee


  • Margaret Chen Kercher, Candidate for County Court Judge , Austin, Texas
  • David Chincanchan, City Council Candidate, Austin, Texas
  • Vanessa Fuentes, City Council Candidate, Austin, Texas
  • Changa Higgins, City Council Candidate, District 7, Texas
  • Pooja Sethi, City Council Candidate, Austin, Texas
  • Alison Alter, City Councilmember, Austin, Texas
  • Deb Armintor, City Councilmember, Denton, Texas
  • Greg Casar, City Councilmember, Austin, Texas
  • Paige Ellis, City Councilmember, Austin, Texas
  • Jimmy Flannigan, City Councilmember, Austin, Texas
  • Natasha Harper-Madison, City Councilmember, Austin, Texas
  • Ann Kitchen, City Councilmember, Austin, Texas
  • Leslie Pool, City Councilmember, Austin, Texas
  • Sabino Renteria, City Councilmember, Austin, Texas
  • Kathie Tovo, City Councilmember, Austin, Texas
  • Jennifer Cortez, City Councilmember Candidate, District 2, Texas
  • Doyle Fine, City Councilmember Candidate, District 9, Texas
  • Jordan Mims, City Councilmember Candidate, District 9, Texas
  • Jen Sarduy, City Councilmember Candidate, District 2, Texas
  • Tiesa Leggett, City Councilwoman Candidate, District 6, Texas
  • Pritesh Gandhi, Congressional Candidate, TX-10, Texas
  • Julie Oliver, Congressional Candidate, TX-25, Texas
  • Mike Siegel, Congressional Candidate, TX-10, Texas
  • Candace Valenzuela , Congressional Candidate, TX-24, Texas
  • Laurie Eiserloh, County Attorney Candidate, Travis County, Texas
  • Valinda Bolton, County Commissioner Candidate, Travis County, Texas
  • Ann Howard, County Commissioner Candidate, Travis County, Texas
  • Lisa Prewitt, County Commissioner Candidate, Hays County, Texas
  • Dimple Malhotra, County Court Judge, Travis County, Texas
  • Jose Garza, District Attorney Candidate, Travis County, Texas
  • Steve Adler, Mayor, Austin, Texas
  • Delia Garza, Mayor Pro Tem, Austin, Texas
  • Eddie Rodrigues, State Represenative, District 51, Texas
  • Sarah Eckhardt, State Senate Candidate, District 14, Texas
  • Stephanie Gharakhanian, Trustee, Austin Community College District, Texas


  • Stephanie Morales, Commonwealth Attorney, Portsmouth, Virginia
  • Alexsis Rodgers, Mayoral Candidate, Richmond, Virginia


  • Teresa Mosqueda, City Councilmember, Seattle, Washington
  • Rebecca Parson, Congressional Candidate, WA-06, Washington
  • Marko Liias, State Senator, WA-27, Washington
  • Pramila Jayapal, U.S. House Representative, WA.-07, Washington


  • Chris Larson, State Senator, 7th District, Wisconsin